P90X Chin-up Max – Pull-up Assist Band


  • Helps build a strong “V-shaped” back and muscular arms
  • Offsets some of the weight your muscles must support doing pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Adjustable for optimal amount of resistance
  • Safety hook, non-slip foot stirrup, heav-duty buckle for safety and support
  • Designed for use with the P90X Chin-up Bar (however, fits most chin-up bars)


P90X Chin-up MAX

Get help doing more chin-ups!

Designed to be used with the P90X Chin-Up Bar, this advanced training tool gives you an adjustable amount of lift so you can work your way up to doing more unassisted chin-ups and pull-ups. Use it to build strength, improve technique, and push your results even further. If you currently struggle to do chin-ups, it will assist you to do them. And if you’re advanced, it helps you to add additional reps after your muscles fatigue.

The Chin-Up Max adjusts for the right amount of resistance to help you get the most out of your upper-body workouts. (Used in P90X and Insanity: The Asylum).

Special features include:

– Easily adjustable resistance levels.

– Safety hook.

– Non-slip foot stirrup.

– Heavy-duty buckle for safety and support.

* This Beachbody product contains natural rubber latex which may cause severe allergic reactions.


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